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Work at home was created in 2019. with the primary Goal to bring Freedom. We saw the need for remote opportunities for freelancers across the Latin-American region, particularly Nicaragua. that were tired of the 8-5 job. Either if they were looking to Find the perfect candidate or find the right opportunity at Your Level. We decided to assemble a team of professionals to share not only relevant remote jobs opportunities but the best tips on options to the right strategies to achieve their goals.

We are a group of people promoting remote work, joining efforts to bring more job opportunities to freelancers.


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Work at Home
Welcome to Work at home Here you can make money and work from home. If you have the skills and are looking for a new way to make money, then working at home may be your answer. You've got to be able to provide your own equipment and supplies but you can choose your own hours and location.
Stay productive while working from home

We have loads of jobs that are perfect for people who can’t be in an office every day, with tasks and responsibilities in an array of industries. Workathomenic provides jobs that are diverse so you don’t get bored and can feel like you’re using your skills instead of being stuck in the same job over and over again.

Work with flexible hours

Whether you want to work one or two hours a day, or all 8 hours, it’s up to you! Workathomenic provides versatility so you can stay comfortable, get things done, and enjoy your time at home.

Stay connected to clients and projects

Through our online chat system, we provide communication tools so clients can reach out to you when they need a change or input on a project. And through our project management system, we make it easy for you to stay updated about what’s going on with any project you’re working on!

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